ASI Aerial Patrol & Photography

Seeing your facilities from the air on a routine basis gives you timely information about conditions in the field, as well as abnormalities that could prove costly if not discovered quickly.
Our commercial pilots are highly trained, well qualified, and DOTD certified to perform aerial inspections and detect abnormalities. 
We fly Cessna 172 and 182 aircraft equipped with the latest technology for accurately identifying locations and documenting activity.
Our low altitude waiver allows for close-up views and photographs of your facilities.

Aerial Patrol
  • Routine inspection of oil and gas pipelines, production facilities, and storage sites allows operators to detect leaks and other abnormalities before they expand to large scale discharges of product.
  • Our customers receive timely reports of patrols and any pertinent findings, whether leaks or potential for damage to facilities.  We provide accurate locations and detailed descriptions to aid in your response.
  • ASI also provides emergency callout services during response and cleanup operations to help our customers pinpoint spills and document cleanup efforts.
  • Some of our customers like to fly along with our pilots to see their facilities firsthand and also to direct or document surface activities.  Whatever your needs, ASI can serve you….

Come Fly With ASI!

Aerial Photography
  • Our photography gives you a real picture of your situation on the ground or in the water.  With our aerial photos, you can document construction activity or existing conditions of your facilities.
  • ASI provides digital photos of significant sightings to our customers via e-mail. We follow up by additional photos on subsequent surveys so our customers can track the progress of any clean up or work underway or completed. On particularly important events same day transmission of photos is provided.
  • When you need a bird’s eye view of your project, we can take you there!